Physical-technical security

We offer security solutions that will contribute to the safety of your company’s business operations, as well as to the unimpeded performance of business activities of all employees in the facilities under our protection. The sense of security makes a business facility a better place to work and contributes to a higher productivity. Make your business space safe during the day, and especially at night or out of business hours, when the space is empty, to prevent any potential damage or unnecessary loss.

Business facilities

We provide security services in a number of well-known business facilities: Ušće Business Center, Ušće Tower TWO, Navigator Business Center, Navigator Business Center TWO, Europe Business Center, Progres AD, Mercata VT and others, and that is our best calling card.

Shopping centers

Shopping centers as modern spaces with a variety of contents: hospitality, recreation, entertainment and sales, with numerous stores and a large number of visitors, demand special attention in terms of physical-technical security. SECUT provides security services to some of the largest and most frequented shopping centers in the country: Ušće Shopping Center, Mercator Center Belgrade, BEO Shopping Center, Immo Center, and, as of 2022, Delta City. These references speak volumes about our professionalism and the quality of services that we provide. Our focus, commitment and unceasing attention are demonstrated through good planning and coordination, from the necessary logistics, selection of officers, top quality training, organization of the protection system, implementation and control of the adherence to rules and procedures, to continuous communication and coordination with the clients, all this while keeping in mind the needs of the facility users and visitors, whose safety is our top priority.

The most important technical protection and fire protection systems designed to protect security:

  • Video security systems (video-surveillance)
  • Anti-burglary systems
  • Access control systems
  • Control systems for the provision of security services
  • Addressable automatic fire detection and signaling systems
  • Fire alarm control panels
  • Stable fire extinguishing systems
  • Gas detection systems – carbon monoxide, etc.
  • Parking service systems, etc.