Mainteining Hygiene of Hospitals

Cleaning and maintaining hygiene in hospitals is a challenge for the SECUT company. Due to the specific use and purpose of these kinds of spaces, hygiene maintenance for hospitals requires a special attitude and skills, as well as the involvement of specially trained personnel, and the use of the most refined chemical assets and professional equipment designed for the maintaining of hygiene of this type of institution. In cooperation with the leading world manufacturers of equipment and chemicals, as well as relevant training instructors, the SECUT Company successfully responded to these challenges. For hygiene maintenance of hospitals, SECUT is applying new methods through the implementation of the so-called "Health Guard" system. This system primarily provides maximum hygiene and maximum efficiency.

Benefits of "Health Guard" system are:

  • Special cleaning carts have enough space for daily supplies of cleaning equipment.
  • Contamination of the cleaning dilution is simply impossible.
  • New rags and new mops are used for cleaning each room.
  • After use, dirty rags and mops are disposed in special boxes that are located in carts.
  • Disinfection of all surfaces at least once a day.