Cleaning of Escalators

The first impression upon entering the office building is often of great importance. Escalators are often the focal point in many facilities. Dirty escalators can leave a bad impression, which can lead to the poor impression of the entire object. SECUT offers an ideal solution to this problem - machine cleaning of escalators using the “Duplex Escalator Cleaner“ machines.


Duplex Escalator Cleaner is a robust duplex machine for scrubbing the floor (Duplex Floor Scrubber) which has been modified as a static escalator cleaner. With the help of extra-long brushes, and a patented rail system it combines cleaning and scrubbing, thus achieving a new standard in cleanliness. Duplex Escalator Cleaner needs only 45 minutes to clean and scrub the escalator without having to be previously disassembled. This is an ideal solution for all escalators in shopping malls, airports, large stores, hospitals, railway stations and exhibition pavilions. Duplex Escalator Cleaner cleans the surface of the escalator up to the edge. The brush, which is located at each double unit for scrubbing the floor, allows the machine to clean up the edges of the escalator. The process is then repeated on the opposite side of the escalator. Duplex Escalator Cleaner is placed and locked in a static position in the bottom of the escalators. In this way, it is not necessary to move the escalator up and down for maximum cleaning with minimum effort.