Cleaning and Protection of Floor Coverings

SECUT company is closely specialized in cleaning, maintenance and protection of all types of floor coverings, as well as in general workplace planning after construction.

From a wide range of services we especially recommend the following:

  • Cleaning of soft (textile) floor coverings - includes washing and cleaning of all kinds of soft floor coverings.
  • Cleaning, washing and protecting hard floor coverings - includes cleaning services, washing and protection of all types of hard floor coverings whether it comes to marble, granite, PVC, linoleum, parquet, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tiles or industrial floors.
  • Crystallization of natural marble and stone – it falls into a special SECUT offer and is done in eight special stages.
  • Washing and cleaning of large areas and the possibility of holding them in the winter - includes cleaning large areas such as parking spaces, underground and above-ground garages, warehouses, industrial plants etc.

Cleaning is done professionally, using elaborate procedures and in stages, as we take great care about the type and quality of the coverings. The SECUT team is at your disposal for any questions related to this type of service, in order to provide the best service possible.