Mainteining Hygiene in Shopping Malls

From the very beginning of the expansion of shopping malls in Belgrade, SECUT was ready for these kinds of professional challenges. Shopping malls, as objects of constant frequency of a large number of visitors, require 24/7 involvement.

Shopping Malls benefits:

Maintaining such a large and complex commercial space requires a special kind of preparation, training, logistical support and organizational skills in order to respond to the challenges of the job. Carefully gaining experience and with selected partners, SECUT earned a reputation as one of the most reliable service in this segment of the job. This is supported by the fact that the management of Usce Shopping Center, the largest facility of its kind in the former Yugoslavia, has shown confidence in our company from the very first day. Besides the Usce Shopping Center, SECUT gained experience by maintaining facilities such as Immocentar and TC Rodic in Novi Beograd. Still, Shopping Center Usce remains a unique example of reference and a new organizational approach to cleaning of this kind of space. Apart from the carefully selected and specially trained team, SECUT also gained experience in the implementation of foreign know-how systems in practice, which brought visible improvement of services.