Safety and Health at Work

Employees around the world have pointed to workplace safety as one of the most important aspects of the work environment. Safe working conditions help employees feel more content at their place of work and be more productive, they contribute significantly to ensuring the unimpeded flow of business operations, as well as to reducing the costs caused by workplace accidents.
Secut’s team in charge of safety and health at work consists of experts with years of experience in various areas of business. We hold the license for the performance of activities relating to workplace safety and health, issued by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, which allows us to perform the following tasks in the field of workplace safety and health:

  • Conduct risk assessment procedures
  • Control and advise the employer on the planning, selection, use and maintenance of work instruments, hazardous materials, and tools and equipment for personal protection in the workplace
  • Participate in equipping and setting up of the workplace for the purpose of ensuring safe and healthy working conditions
  • Organize preventive and periodic testing of the working environment conditions
  • Organize preventive and periodic checks and inspections of the work equipment
  • Propose measures to improve working conditions, especially in workplaces with increased risk
  • Monitor and control the implementation of safety and health measures at the employer’s facility
  • Monitor the situation regarding workplace injuries and occupational health conditions, as well as work-related diseases, participate in determining their causes and prepare reports that include proposed measures for their elimination
  • Conduct employee training for safe and healthy work practices
  • Prepare instructions for safe work and control their implementation
  • In case we establish the presence of imminent danger to the life or health of employees, we stop all work at such workplaces, or any use of such work instruments
  • Cooperate and coordinate our work with the occupational medicine service on all issues in the area of workplace safety and health
  • Keep records in the field of workplace safety and health