Alarm signaling and monitoring

24/7 Control Center

All protected facilities in which we provide the services of physical security are connected through means of communication (mobile telephony, radio link) with our Control Center, which coordinates and monitors activities and current situation in the facilities 24 hours a day.
The facilities that you want to protect can be connected by means of alarm systems with the alarm signaling to our Control Center. This will ensure their continuous protection.

Patrol team intervention

Upon activating and signaling of the alarm in the protected facility, our patrol team arrives on site as quickly as possible, undertakes immediate inspection and assessment of the situation, and takes the necessary measures in coordination with the service user’s contact person.
Relevant emergency services (ambulance, fire and rescue, police services, etc.) are notified immediately, if there is need for their intervention.

Mobile security

SECUT offers the services of mobile security, which, in addition to response to alarm activation and signaling, also include mobile patrols that provide regular inspection of the protected facilities, as well as secure and escort the transport and transfer of valuables and other consignments.
Mobile security is a form of physical security that includes motorized patrols with trained security officers equipped with radio communication devices, inspections and checks at the protected facility or defined checkpoints, at the request of services users.