Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning and maintenance of glass facades or windows at high altitudes is a job with increased risk and great responsibility. However from the very beginning, SECUT company made sure that all our clients with needs for this kind of service, be satisfied with professional team of qualified experts with years of experience. Service provided by SECUT alpine team, primarily involves washing and cleaning of glass, marble and aluminum facades using a rope system.


  • Saves Time.
  • No Worry About Specialized Cleaning Methods.
  • Lets The Light In.
  • Keeps You Safe.
  • Helps Extend Your Windows’ Lifespan.

Training of personnel involved in height works is conducted under the supervision of an alpine instructor and special units of Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia. Personnel involved in height works have a certificate of the Institute of Occupational Safety, which proves that they are trained to perform these kinds of tasks and also have a medical certificate proving their medical suitability to work at heights. For years, SECUT has been making sure that some of the most famous buildings in Belgrade, such as PC Usce, the Hyatt hotel, European Business Center, the NIS Jugopetrol building, Strabag and many other objects shine in all their glory. The SECUT alpine team is ready at any time to meet customer requirements and provide superior service.